We’re With You!

FSA recognizes the need for professional counseling services in our community. We also understand that there is a need for specialized training in domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma, and other issues surrounding intimate partner violence and sexual violence. Our staff receive specialized training in this areas and are well-equipped to help clients come to terms with their abuse and heal from it.

We want to reduce barriers to accessing support.  All services at FSA are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

We Can Help!

Counseling is available from licensed or certified counselors for individuals or families.

We Understand!

Counseling during times of crisis or distress is a way to develop tools and explore thought processes for overcoming issues that may interfere with your daily functions and enjoyment.

We invite your Participation!

Services are available to local community members, whether the abuse occurred in the past or is ongoing.

We Are Here!

Please call (208) 232-0742 to inquire about our services or make an appointment.